Reformation Conference 2018

The Need for Reformation: Then and Now

WHEN:           October 26-28

WHERE:         3326 Archdale Drive, Charlotte 28210

SPEAKERS:    Carl Trueman  |  Kevin DeYoung  |  William Barcley


     Adults:   $30   

     SGPC Adults:   $20

     Students:   $15

     Under 18s:   Free


REGISTRATION:   Please register online by October 24. You may Register here.

CHILDCARE:   Free childcare will be available for (registered) children ages 8 and under.


FRIDAY  |  Oct 26

Luther and the Need for Reformation

Carl Trueman  |  7pm

A historical introduction to the theme of the conference, focusing on the great reformer, Martin Luther.

Sola Fide Contra Mundum: Why we Need the Doctrine of Justification More than Ever

Kevin DeYoung  |  8pm

In a world filled with (surprisingly) legalistic standards and (unsurprisingly) little grace for those who fall short, we need to be reminded again why the doctrine of justification is so counter-cultural and such good news.  

SATURDAY  |  Oct 27

Reformation and the Church

Carl Trueman  |  9am

The Reformation not only recovered the Gospel, it brought to light biblical teaching about the church. This session asks the question, How should Protestants think about the church in light of the Reformation?

The Reformation of Worship

William Barcley  |  10am

The Reformation was as much about worship as it was about theology, though many modern Christians are unaware of this fact. This session discusses why and how the Reformation changed worship, and why those changes are needed in churches today.

Reformed but Always Reforming

Carl Trueman  |  11am

'Reformed but Always Reforming' became a well-know slogan in the post-Reformation period. This session addresses what this slogan does and does not mean, with a particular view to touching on sexuality issues facing today's church.

SUNDAY  |  Oct 28

Carl Trueman  |  9:45am, 11am

Dr. Trueman will be teaching Adult Sunday School and preaching at the morning worship service.