Missionary Overviews

Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church takes The Great Commission seriously. Our annual Missions Conference is a significant event in the life of the church, and we often send short-term mission teams to other parts of the USA and even abroad. 

We are committed to supporting missionaries both locally and globally. Currently we support 31 missionaries or missionary organizations in 17 different countries throughout the world as well as here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Not only do we support missionaries, we also send missionaries. We have sent five families to the mission field in the last decade. 


  • Bowers (OHIO, USA)

    Nate and Naomi are missionaries with Reformed University Fellowship working in campus ministry and the University of Akron.  

  • traubs (scotland)

    Will and Judi are missionaries with Mission to the World working in theological education for MTW Europe in Dundee, Scotland. They were previously members of Sovereign Grace.  


    Chris and Donnette are missionaries with Mission to the World planting a church in France. They are members of Sovereign Grace. 


    Jonathan and Erica are missionaries with Mission to North America planting a church in Syracuse, NY, where Jonathan serves as planter of Christ Church

  • Kitchens (Massachusetts, USA)

    Josh and Sarah were missionaries with The Seed Company working on scripture translation in Papua New Guinea. The Kitchens, who were sent out from Sovereign Grace, now are focusing on planting a new church in New England.   

  • darin stone (north carolina, usa)

    Darin and his wife Melanie live in Raleigh, NC. Darin is a chaplain to the state capital of North Carolina and works with elected officials and all those who work in state government in Raleigh.

  • hecks (germany)

    Sebastien and Isabel are missionaries with Reformation2Germany planting a church in Heidelberg, Germany, where Sebastien serves as pastor of Selbstandige Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche.


    Bill and Pam are missionaries with Mission to the World planting a church near Newcastle, England, where Bill serves as pastors of Gateshead Presbyterian Church


    Jake and Melissa are missionaries with World Harvest Mission planting a church in Prague, Czech Republic, where Jake serves as pastor of Faith Community Church.

  • Halberts (COSTA RICA)

    Andrew and Julie are missionaries with United World Mission working in theological education and church planting in Costa Rica.

  • undisclosed (ASIA)

    J and M are missionaries with Mission to the World planting a church in an undisclosed location in Asia. J and K are also planting a church in an undisclosed location in Asia. 

  • Hurries (SOUTH AFRICA)

    Shaun and Becky Hurrie are missionaries with Mission to the World in South Africa, where Shaun is involved in teaching. 

  • undisclosed (africa)

    F and S are missionaries with Mission to the World planting a church in an undisclosed location in Africa. 

  • Halberts (HONDURAS)

    Aaron and Rachel Halbert are planting are planting a church in Honduras.

  • ps (europe)

    F and I are missionaries planting a church in an undisclosed location in Europe. 


    Chris and Rosemary Statter are planting an EPCEW church called Salford Evangelical Presbyterian Church, outside Manchester in North England. 

  • COLUCCIAS (italy)

    Vincenzo and Judit Coluccia are working with MTW to plant the first Presbyterian church south of Rome in Lecce, Italy.

  • petrous (greece)

    Argyris and Dina Petrou, natives of Greece, are planting a church in Greece. 

  • African bible college (africa)

    African Bible College was founded in 1976 with the vision of establishing Christian Colleges in Africa for educating Christian leaders for churches and missions. 

  • Covenant community school (japan)

    Covenant Community School was founded in 2006 to educate a new generation of Christian leaders. The school offers classes in both English and Japanese for local Japanese children and children of MTW Tokyo missionaries. 

  • Reformed university fellowship (north carolina, usa)

    Sovereign Grace supports Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at three college campuses, including Queens University, University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Johnson and Wales University

  • Greenville Seminary (South carolina, usa)

    Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is located in Greenville, South Carolina, and focuses on equipping preachers and pastors.